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How Do You Start a Video Resume?

A video resume has the potential to make a truly indelible impression on hiring managers, helping you land an interview, and possibly receive a job offer.  Let’s see how to start a video resume?

However, if you are like most people, you don’t know where to start creating a video resume.  Instead of immediately turning on the camera and talking about yourself, your professional experience, and your education or training, the better approach is to write down a script highlighting your merits as a professional in a well-crafted introduction. 

Perfect your video resume script, memorize it, deliver those scripted words in front of the camera and you will make the all-important positive first impression on hiring managers through a truly impressive introduction.

Where to Start?

The best video resumes begin with a brief introduction. 

This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to hiring managers in 30 seconds or less. 

Ideally, the introduction will be captivating to the point that it convinces the viewer to watch the remainder of the video.  However, if your introduction is long-winded, boring, or flawed in another way, there is a good chance the hiring manager will simply skip right over the remainder of your video resume and move on to the next candidate, even if that candidate has a traditional resume that was emailed as a Microsoft Word document as opposed to a creative video resume. 

So think long and hard about how you would like to introduce yourself before capturing your introduction on camera.  Deliver a truly engaging message about yourself and your qualifications for the job and you will convince the hiring manager to watch the remainder of the video, likely in full. 

In particular, it is important to zero in on your strongest selling points at the outset of the video.  Consider what the employer is looking for in a candidate and shape your introduction with that information in mind. 

Consider weaving in some of the same “buzz words” the employer used in the job ad during your introduction.  Replicating components of the language the employer used when listing the open position makes it clear you paid close attention when reading the job description and have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to meet the demands of the position.

Mind the Introduction’s Function and Form

The primary purpose of scripting an engaging video resume introduction is to explain how your skills, talent, knowledge and experience are a suitable fit for the open position.  However, the style or form of the video resume introduction is just as important as its purpose. 

If your video resume introduction is crafted in a truly artful manner, it will make a much more powerful impression.  So sweat the smalls tuff of this introduction. 

Your tone, cadence, word choice and volume matter a great deal.  If you have a verbal stumble while reciting your introduction, either start over or edit out the mistake so your introduction flows in a seamless and flawless manner.  Though this process will take some time, it is well worth it. 

A smooth, error-free introduction makes it clear you are not only qualified for the job but also have top-notch communication skills that will benefit the employer in myriad ways down the line.

Record Your Introduction in the Right Setting

Part of sweating the small stuff of your video introduction is ensuring it is recorded in the right context.  As an example, it is a mistake to head out to a crowded area, hold up your smartphone with a selfie stick and start recording your video resume. 

Find a quiet, professional-looking space, ensure the lighting provides a clear view of your face as well as your background and speak in a clear and cogent manner.

If you find it difficult to choose a setting for your video resume, simply use your office or stand in front of a plain wall in your home or another quiet space.  Above all, no one else should be present while recording your video resume introduction as their voice, shadow or other clues that indicate they are in the room will prove quite distracting. 

Above all, it is important to resist the temptation to record your video resume introduction outdoors as doing so makes it challenging to find a quiet space free of distractions.

The Basics of Your Video Resume Introduction

Start a video resume by stating your name, your location and your current employment status.  Explain why you are interested in the open position and why you are a good fit.  If you have prior experience working in a similar field or in the same position, verbalize it during your introduction. 

Furthermore, if your education or training has prepared you for the open position, let it be known during your introduction.  This is your opportunity to brag about your professional and educational accomplishments, making it crystal clear you are a good candidate for the open position.

Grab the Viewer’s Attention From the Start

The primary purpose of the introduction of your video segment is to engage the viewer.  Explain exactly what makes you special and different from other candidates applying for the open position.  This is your opportunity to explain why you are the best candidate. 

Make the mistake of rambling, digressing, or speaking without clarity and the hiring manager will lose interest during the introduction.  In short, the video resume introduction should be viewed as an opportunity to capture the hiring manager’s interest and attention so you can keep them locked in as you segue away from your introduction to the next part of your video resume.

Do not Settle for a Flawed Introduction

Once you have filmed your introduction, film it at least one more time.  Review your introductions to determine which is the better of the two (or more).  If you are unsatisfied with the results of your video resume introduction, do not hesitate to record it a third or fourth time until it is absolutely perfect. 

Be professional, strive for perfection, treat your video resume as though it is an actual job interview performance and you will engage the hiring manager, greatly increasing the chances that he or she will watch the remainder of your video and take the next step of inviting you to partake in an interview.

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