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What is the Best Format for Video Resumes?

The average person has a superficial knowledge of video resumes and might have watched one or two yet is understandably uncertain as to how to create truly engaging footage.  The aim is to create a video resume that convinces hiring managers to take the next step of extending an interview invitation. 

Sadly, plenty of those who create video resumes makes the mistake of stating their name and rattling off all the details of their professional experience and academic accomplishments, digressing throughout the video rather than presenting information in a truly organized manner.  The bottom line is your video resume needs a format.

Brevity is Key

The best video resumes are short.  Ideally, resumes presented in video form will be four minutes or less.  The perfect length is 90 seconds to 120 seconds or even less.  If you hesitate to create such a short video resume, consider the fact that attention spans have never been shorter.  We live in an on-demand society in which people, including hiring managers, want everything right now, without a delay.   

Keep the short length of the video in mind when writing out the script and structure of your video resume monologue.  Recite your script while timing the presentation.  If it turns out your video resume’s first draft is more than four minutes in length, it is time to cut out some information so you can present yourself in a truly cogent manner that maintains the hiring manager’s interest.

Focus on the Employer’s Most Likely Questions

When creating a structure for your video resume, focus on what the employer wants to know about candidates for the open position.  Your video resume should address these questions in a focused manner rather than providing extensive detail. 

Keep in mind that most hiring managers form an opinion of candidates within the first 30 seconds of video resumes.  Zero in on what hiring managers are most interested in without delay, tailoring your content to the limitations of those who have a short attention span. 

Do not lose sight of the fact that video resumes are meant to provide hiring managers with the information they covet.  If you are struggling to determine which questions hiring managers are most likely to ask and what type of information they would like to know about candidates, ShowReel can help. 

Take advantage of our helpful templates that detail the optimal questions for each industry as well as experience levels and you will have the information you need to serve up information about yourself in a direct and coherent manner, ultimately enhancing the chances that the hiring manager will watch the rest of the video and bring you in for an interview.

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Create a Plan for the Video

Once you get a sense of the type of information the hiring manager wants to learn about you, it is time to write out a format for the video.  The manner in which this content is structured is reflective of your organizational skills.  Spend some time creating an outline for your video resume.  As an example, the video should start with an introduction in which you state your name, your objective, your location and your current occupation. 

Segue from the video introduction to your professional experience as it relates to the open position.  This is your opportunity to explain how your current and previous professional roles have prepared you for the demands of the available position. 

Weave in your education in a manner that shows how it prepared you for the open role.  Segue to your skills that will help you excel in the role.  This is your opportunity to highlight specific skills you have developed that are relevant to the work you will perform after being hired. 

It is also logical to include information about your professional goals either in the introduction or at the end of the video.  This is not to say you have to detail where you would like your career to be within five or ten years.  Rather, providing the hiring manager with a sense of your overarching aim will make it clear you have meaningful career goals and are motivated to reach those goals through hard work.

Be Mindful of the Presentation

Though it is in your interest to create your video resume in a manner that is well-organized, reading from a script is a mistake.  Instead, rehearse your video resume beforehand, recording your practice sessions so you can review them before creating your official video resume. 

Remain true to the format detailed in your video resume script, seamlessly segue from one subject to the next, explain how that information relates to the open position and you will maintain the hiring manager’s interest. 

However, if the video resume seems as though it was read from a script or overly rigid in presentation, it will alienate the viewer.  Keep in mind that most hiring managers want to hire people with some personality, character and spirit.  This is not to say you should deviate from your designed format with digressions that reveal your personality. 

Rather, you should be lively when presenting information about yourself, your professional experience, your education, and your goals, making it clear that you are capable of presenting information in a truly artful and persuasive manner.  After all, your ability to communicate with others will likely prove to be quite important once you are hired for the open position.

Wrapping up the Video Resume

Don’t forget to add a conclusion to your video resume.  Summarize the value you will add to the business.  Reinforce the fact that you have the skills and experience necessary to thrive in the open role.  Thank the hiring manager for their time and provide your contact information so he or she can reach out to you to extend an interview invitation or learn more about why you are the optimal candidate for the open position. 

Follow the format detailed above or the format you have written out on your own, limit your video resume to 120 seconds or less and you will have succeeded in presenting yourself as an organized, coherent, and intelligent professional.

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