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What Kind of Jobs Can Use a Video Resume?

The days of typing up a CV and sending it to hiring managers are quickly fading away. Video CVs are the new wave, especially for those applying to work in a position that involves human interaction.

Even those who do not work in public-facing roles are gravitating toward video CVs. They provide an opportunity to put one’s personality on display, making it clear that the candidate is personable, will fit in with the company culture and prove capable of interacting with co-workers in a fluid and constructive manner.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of job openings where a video CV will come in handy.

Jobs Involving Customer Interaction

Customer service jobs and other positions that involve interacting with the public will prove much easier to land if the candidate has a video CV. The video CV provides an opportunity to engage with the hiring manager, albeit through a screen. This is your opportunity to enunciate your words with precision, communicate your career goals and make it clear you can verbalize your thoughts in a clear and cogent manner.

Speak clearly, loudly, and with a natural cadence. Make it clear you are capable of communicating with customers with clarity. Put your personality on display, even if you are somewhat of an introvert; detail your accomplishments in terms of your education, experience, and skills. Your video CV will make quite an impact. This artful presentation is exactly what you need to prove you can interact with customers on behalf of the hiring business.

Teaching Positions

Teaching requires preparing and delivering a monologue as well as engaging in a constructive dialogue with students. In short, teachers are essentially performers, meaning they can benefit from video CVs. Present yourself to the hiring manager through a video CV. Make it clear you can speak to an audience without stumbling over your words and have made an impactful impression that proves you will be effective as a teacher.


Suppose you are an actor, a public speaker, a motivational speaker or a performer of any other sort. In that case, it is in your interest to apply to job openings with a video CV. Your video CV is the opportunity to perform before hiring manager, it is similar to how you perform when working.

Prepare your lines, recite those lines with extensive practice and deliver them in a crisp and eloquent manner when recording your video CV. Think of this video presentation as your initial audition that paves the way toward a second interview or audition in-person instead of being played on a screen.

When It is Suitable for the Company Culture

Though you don’t have in-depth knowledge of a company’s culture prior to applying for an open position, you can get a general sense of what it is like to work at the employer by checking out the company’s website, reading reviews from current employees and asking those in your professional circle what they have heard about the company.

Suppose the business looking to add to its staff has a company culture in which extroversion, fun, ongoing dialogue, and creativity are emphasized. In that case, it is in your interest to use a video CV. This is your opportunity to express yourself in a creative manner and ultimately prove your personality will jive with the company culture, serving as the perfect fit.

Human Resources Positions

Human resources specialists interact with people every single day. From interviews for open positions to exit interviews for those departing the company, performance reviews, meetings and beyond, human resources professionals spend much of their time interacting with others. If you are applying for such a position, present yourself through a video CV and you will make it abundantly clear you are comfortable speaking in front of others and thrive when the pressure is on.

This is your opportunity to prove you excel at human interaction and are capable of interviewing job candidates as a human resources professional and genuinely enjoy speaking to communicate instead of typing, texting, etc.

Media Jobs

Any open position in a media-oriented business will require skills with media and technology. In other words, submitting a regular, traditional CV will not suffice. Show off your media skills and knowledge through your video CV and the hiring manager will consider you media savvy, possibly to the point that your video CV prompts him or her to extend an offer of employment.

Tech-centric jobs

Nowadays, it seems like technology saturates just about every aspect of professional realms. If you are applying for a job in an office or any other position in which might use technology, it is important that you prepare a persuasive video CV. Your video CV is your opportunity to prove you are capable of using the latest technology. Take some time to master the subtleties of video CV creation with modern tech tools, and you will have done your part to show you have the level of tech-savviness necessary for the open position.

Jobs With Dozens or Hundreds of Applicants

Most hiring managers do not want to sort through dozens or potentially hundreds of traditional CVS as doing so chews up a significant amount of time and takes considerable effort. If you suspect the job you are applying for has dozens of applicants or even hundreds of applicants, do not hesitate to use a video CV to separate yourself from the pack.

Your video CV is an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the rest of the applicants, showing you are different, willing to take the road less traveled and are somewhat unique. Furthermore, investing the extra time and effort necessary to create a video CV makes it abundantly clear that you want the job more than the other applicants.

Your video CV may prove to be the difference between landing an interview and not receiving a call back after submitting your resume and supporting information.

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