explanation of video resumes

An Explanation of Video Resumes

Video resumes have emerged as the resume of the future.  Make the leap from a traditional text resume to a video resume and you will stand out from the rest of the job-seeking crowd. 

A large part of the appeal of video resumes is they add a new dimension to you, the job-seeker, ensuring prospective employers understand the real you as opposed to attempting to get a sense of who you are based on a text resume alone. 

In short, your video resume is essentially a cover letter and resume in one, presented in video form. 

The Basics of Video Resumes

Video resumes are the translation of yourself, your experience and your education from text on paper or a Word document to video form.  Sometimes referred to as Visumes, these video recordings promoting job-seekers first appeared in the 80s.  The first video resumes were recorded with home camcorders on VHS tapes and transmitted to employers. 

However, video resumes did not reach the mainstream until technology evolved.  Thanks to advances in video recording technology, it is now possible for anyone to create their own video resume with a smartphone.  Recorded video resumes can be transmitted to employers by email or embedded on social media for additional exposure. 

The Logic in Creating a Video Resume

Put yourself in the position of a hiring manager.  You are inundated with a steady stream of resumes from unemployed, underemployed and even some employed individuals.  You do not have enough time to sort through the seemingly endless number of resumes. 

However, one applicant sends over a video resume showcasing his or her abilities beyond what would be possible with a conventional resume made in MS Word.  This video resume provides a unique look at the applicant’s personality, personal presentation, and ability to execute when the pressure is on, greatly increasing the chances of an invitation for an interview.

In many cases, video resumes really do make the difference between receiving an offer of employment and not receiving an offer.  In fact, some video resumes are powerful to the point that they make it easier for applicants to convince prospective employers to meet their pay expectations. 

Explanation of Video Resumes

Think of Your Video Resume as an Interview in Monologue Form

If the employer in question is going to seriously consider hiring you, the hiring manager will eventually invite you into the office for a face-to-face meeting or meet with you digitally through video conferencing.  It is only a matter of time until you interact with the hiring manager.  In the meantime, the hiring manager will be left to guess as to how you present yourself – that is unless you create a video resume. 

Don professional attire, rehearse your video resume, speak with a confident and steady cadence as you record and you just might put yourself on the fast-track to an in-person interview. 

As long as you present yourself in a truly professional light while recording your video resume, you really will have a competitive advantage over the rest of the field looking for employment as you will have eliminated the hiring manager’s doubts pertaining to your personal presentation. 

Video Resumes are Particular Important for Certain Positions

Most jobs require interaction with co-workers, clients/customers, potential business partners and other people, even if it is on Zoom or another video conferencing service.  However, some people are not particularly social.  Furthermore, others have poor presentation skills. 

A video resume is your opportunity to convince the hiring manager that you are perfectly capable of speaking in a clear and cogent manner when the pressure is on.  

Enunciate your words, smile, and remain confident throughout the entirety of your video resume and the hiring manager will seriously consider you for the open position, especially if it requires interactions with others.

Anyone can Make a Video Resume

As long as you have a smartphone or another digital recording device, you can easily make your own video resume.  The average video resume lasts around a minute or two.  Such a video provides you with the opportunity to make a powerful first impression on a prospective employer. 

Make your case for employment during your video resume, put your communication skills on display, exhibit some charisma and explain why you are the optimal candidate for the open position.  This is the vitally important first impression that has the potential to make the difference between obtaining gainful employment that lasts indefinitely or ending up being lost in the shuffle as the hiring manager sorts through hundreds or even thousands of traditional resumes.

There is no need to recite your resume script word for word as though you are an actor reading lines.  In short, it is a mistake to make it appear as though you are rattling off words from a script without any sincerity or passion.  Be present in the moment when creating your video resume.  Speak as you normally would as opposed to sounding robotic while reading lines from a teleprompter or a sheet of paper. 

Seize the opportunity to communicate to employers what they cannot learn from your paper resume.  Be honest as you describe yourself and your accomplishments, explaining in a forthright manner how you align with the company’s culture and ethos. 

Explanation of Video Resumes

Video Resumes Should be Customized for Each Employer

Video resumes only take a minute or two to record so it makes sense to tailor them to the company looking to hire.  Make it clear you created the video resume specifically for the open position in question and you stand a much better chance of landing an interview.  This is your opportunity to address how your skills and talents fit with the overarching employer as well as the demands of the open position. 

Video Resumes are a Steppingstone to an Interview

Be sure to cap off the video resume with a call to action that summarizes your interest in the position and highlights your desire to move to the next stage of the candidate selection process, which is typically an interview. 

Make it clear you would like to interview for the position, smile while communicating this desire and hold that smile through the final seconds of the video, creating a positive lasting impression that encourages the hiring manager to reach out to you to conduct an interview.

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