video resume jobs

What Kind of Jobs Can Use a Video Resume?

The days of typing up a CV and sending it to hiring managers are quickly fading away. Video CVs are the new wave,…

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make video resume

Best Ways to Make Your Resume Stand out From the Crowd

It is no secret the economy is struggling. We are in the midst of an economic contraction that has the potential to last…

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explanation of video resumes

An Explanation of Video Resumes

Video resumes have emerged as the resume of the future.  Make the leap from a traditional text resume to a video resume and…

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useful video resumes

Are Video Resumes Useful?

Take a moment to think about the candidate review and selection process from the perspective of a hiring manager.  The average hiring manager…

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best resume format

What is the Best Format for Video Resumes?

The average person has a superficial knowledge of video resumes and might have watched one or two yet is understandably uncertain as to…

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end video resume

How to End Your Video Resume?

Once you have recorded the majority of your video resume, your attention will shift toward its conclusion.  The manner in which you end…

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start a video resume

How Do You Start a Video Resume?

A video resume has the potential to make a truly indelible impression on hiring managers, helping you land an interview, and possibly receive…

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